• Projects to encourage active travel 
  • Smarter Travel – Sustainable Transport
  • Policy pressure to seek public transport

Active Travel

The principal objective of Active Travel Towns is to achieve modal shift from car to either walking and/or cycling. In 2012, a 5 year multi-annual funding support programme named Active Travel Towns was initiated. From the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s Smarter Travel website

It is hoped that this objective will be achieved through deliverables such as 

  •  the provision of safer routes for people to travel by bike or on foot
  • a reduction  in short-distance car journeys through the availability of good quality travel  information and alternative infrastructure
  • Community involvement
  • Improved walking and cycling access to public transport
  • Tie-in with schools/colleges and workplace plans both through existing programmes and new linkages.

Smarter Travel

From the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s Smarter Travel website

The aim of Smarter Travel is to get us all to think about how and why we make travel choices for all the trips we make.  It’s about considering the impact our travel decisions have on others and on ourselves. 

Do we need to drive to the local shop to pick up the paper or could we walk? Do we need to drive to work or could we cycle? If we have to drive the kids to school could we car share with other parents in our neighbourhood? Do we need a lift to the airport or could we get a bus?

Public Participation

You can be involved in shaping policy. This is a vital component of climate action. Check out our public participation page.

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